As in all sports, the parents are the key supporters for their childrens development. We are a small group of fathers that wanted to give our childern more tools to develop in their sport. One of us had used PE-foam for many years and came with the idea to make practice dummies for handball excercise. As it happened we had among us one employed at the company producing and converting PE-foam. After trials with different foam combinations and shapes we launched the FoamDude for handball in co-operation with NMC Termonova. The idea has now developed to applications for football, floorball, basket- and volleyball that are currently in prototype phase.

NMC Termonova Oy

NMC Termonova is a PE-foam producer for various applications in industry and professional sports. Our production is located in Inkoo Finland and we are a part of the Belgian NMC Group specialized in technically oriented foam solutions. We have long history in supplying several areas of professional sports on olympic level like gymnastics and archery.

We will continue to act as a leading international company in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams by proving with performances that will

  • excite our customers and business partners,
  • make our employees proud and
  • satisfy our shareholders

We will succeed together