Benefits – Advantages – Features

Benefits and Features_textEfficient training – during both individual and interplay, helps to form a proper mind set which improves player’s performance

Promotes learning – enables more high quality repetitions, which is essential for learning and for developing better skills.

Versatile training – allows training of numerous individual and interplay patterns.

Effective time management – light weight and easy mobility, the time required to shift to a new training pattern is a minimum.

Durable and maintenance free – withstands heavy impacts due to cross-linked water resistant PE-foam with a strong high density surface.

Safe to use – flexible and soft construction with no rigid parts.

Excellent stability – wide supporting feet, optimal weight distribution, and well fitted connections. The football FoamDude has additional removable weights for stability in windy outdoor conditions.

Easy assembly and disassembly – made out of two precision cut pieces that can be assembled and taken apart without any tools in less than a minute, convenient to place in storage. See video.

For indoor and outdoor usage – can be used in temperatures from -20 ⁰C to +60 ⁰C.